Swing Towne (max bling)

I was going to link this to my website: Abstract Painting by Robert Terrell but I kept having this issue and that, so this is the third pitch, and I’m not going to let it be a foul blog ball or a swing & a blog miss. But why do I use baseball analogies so much, when this is surely destined for art blog greatness? I dunno. But we’ll see what happens as time keeps on tripping… Just had to go with some outdated slang to date my own wee self…

Now . . . several hours later, success. Too Distant blog was linked to my brand sparkling new-ish website in a half-duplexxy fashion, you could say, if you were around in the early days of PCs. There is a blog link FROM the website to this blog, and NOW I have a menu link to the website home from here – Webite Home it be. It’s not way cool elegant, but I’m not really a way cool elegant artist and not really heading that direction with my art anyway, so why would this bother me? (but it still kinda does… oh well, onward I be a goin’ hahaha)

I like working on web ‘n interweb doodads like websites and bloggies (at least when things are moving along. But of course you can hear me howlin’ like a dire wolf when they aren’t!! But but but( three buts are a load of buts I know) – I am using this as an excuse not to be painting my loverly abstract paintings. Why my little brain begins to look for excuses not to do what brings such good and happy feelings I just don’t know.

Gotta push on out a here… I am determined to be using a brush on canvas tomorrow. Time for brushin’ and uh paintin’ once more. The wonderful discoveries of art await me. And I want the blog to be looking like a real adult sort of blog then, too.

People! Friends of WP! Now it’s Christmas Eve and I’ve been posting and website coding up a storm. Things are going well, I think. I only came back to this post to check on the image. I’d forgotten if it was a featured image or not. At first I wasn’t too clear about that little fun detail. Of course the featured image is a biggie big detail for li’l ole me.

So, have a great holiday season. And Merry Christmas to those of you who are Christmas aficionados. Ho Ho Ho I’m a big fan of outdoor lighting!! No big surprise I bet.

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