Ex Nihilo et al

Bas-relief painting – synthetic polymer paint on wood – 1996 – 48″x98″

Ex Nihilo et al aka Creation Once Removed was shipped down to Houston for my show at Goldesberry Gallery in 1996. The shipper was me in my artmobile – Moby Dick! Moby, my trusty old 1976 Chevy pickup with a big shell (RIP l’il Moby). All white like the mythic whale – Moby hauled my entire one man show to Houston, at 9 point something mpg 😦 yikes…

Are we still on the glamorous art career topic? The show was in July and a very hot one. I was feeling the effects of heat exhaustion by the time I got all the art loaded. And as I passed through Cameron, TX, hours later, a bank sign read 110 degrees. Oh! The glamour! haha

Still the show was hung successfully the next day and many, many people saw my artwork. Reconnecting, (I’d been active in Kauffman Gallery 10 years earlier) looked like it was a happening show indeed!!  Though I didn’t sell too many pieces at the show, I did get a nice commission from Compaq Computers. Good job Bob!

And there you have it – a pedestrian nuts & bolts account of this Ex Nihilo artwork and its entry into a Houston art show. Perhaps you fell asleep two paragraphs ago (Hey, I tried to spiff ‘n spice it up a bit, there, dude!! ) If so, enjoy the nap 🙂 But what about this art piece, really? The title is weird, right? Not many people seem to like the title very much.

Ex Nihilo – is a Latin phrase meaning “out of nothing.” It often appears in conjunction with the concept of creation, as in creatio ex nihilo, meaning “creation out of nothing. (fr. Wiki)

Did this bas-relief painting come out of nothing? I’ve created many abstract paintings before it. Did creation come out of nothing? Perhaps God created many universes before this one. Or if there is no God (gotta keep the modern thinkers happy) then perhaps creation came out of ummm ohhhh wellll nothing. And I’ve some full circle in this circular “logic-illogical” wheel. Clear as mud to me.Perhaps I can say with semi-thority …

Random is a thing after all 

I kind of knew that already 🙂 I still leap out on faith, though. I took a big leap of faith and a big (several) leap(s) into random (probably more intuitive painting, color picking, etc. to make Ex Nihilo happen 🙂 I can’t tell you what my art process is exactly. It’s creative art intuitional stew. Some of us art peoples like that word intuition. It sounds so much more “informed” than random. And this batch of intuition cookies turned out to my liking. And some other people’s, too!


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