Not much to say, but groundbreaking :-)

Oh… haha Not groundbreaking too much. But I’m encouraged by art of the last 3+ years, and the blog and website are coming together well. I haven’t had such good feelings overall in quite a while.

First about my artwork itself. It’s coming together in some new ways for me. I see combinations and recombinations… and brand new, creative ideas appearing in the work. Well I couldn’t ask for more, really.

Not only in the work itself, I’m finding ways and means for it to leave the nest that feel more secure for me. And more open to experimentation. And more open to the wider world of creative expression. What am I trying to say? It’s too early to tell. I just fell more open to new expressions of art showing. And this is all important!! (two exclamation points here, for IMPORTANT šŸ™‚ ) A naturally shy individual artist like me needs as much exposure as he, she, or they can make happen. When it doesn’t flow naturally and easy, it needs to flow just the same. Art needs to be seen, as a general consensus. Some artists don’t care too much. But i want my individual artworks to find homes and find their forever homes in the world.
Sometimes i have to go through a mental process to let them go, but still, I know their homes are for most pieces, out in the world, and ultimately, for all.

There it is. I simply needed to make a new post. The website, and blog, really, have new energy – in the design, and very soon, new art.

I have quite a few artworks to upload to the website and here on the blog. It won’t be too long, hopefully. I’m painting, and working on the website and blog every day. This with determination and goals.

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