About Me

refracted-about (2)I’ve been a rather driven creative person all my life (since 1959 at least). My artistic output has certainly been up ‘n down which began early as all get out. I made a nice drawing in first grade that the teacher loved and she showed it in front of the class.

This got my little art-ego all revved up for about 5 minutes until she kept it to show to future art classes. Little Bobby’s art ego got its first art-knocks lesson 😦 . . . glory was fleeting on cat feet that day…

Skipping through the years of extreme art low self-esteem and low self-confidence up-til college. I had no interest in any sort of major, but I thought maybe I could make it in art. My brain liked to make things…studying was less a call to arms (the lack, a call to alarms for my father…

In college I found some awesome creative mentors beyond the bookage. When I was told I was “pretty good at art” (a creative genius – did he actually say that??)  and probably didn’t even need art school, I didn’t know what to make of such words. These words I never spoke to my parents – sadly left un-verbalized. But life waxed better and I found a rather all-encompassing interest in abstract art – which remains as interesting as in 1972 (perhaps more?).

Now… jump almost 50 years to 2020! … along the way there were galleries, shows, life circumstances… I find I’m about 60 years past the little boy who became an artist for real one day at his first grade desk, with only crayons, paper, and a determination well beyond his 5 years!

AND… I still carry a brush, ready to make the mysterious happen 🙂

It’s a good thing, this creative thing. The path can be winding (will be) and rocky (will be), but there’s no other way for some of us!! So, back to the canvas with my brushes ‘n colors! Well, first the cats need their din din… don’t we all?

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