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I’ve lived here and there, in several states in the USA. But I always had a fascination with the weather of the south plains of Texas where I grew up. Of course it’s the southern end of tornado alley and the totally awesome supercells which are a natural wonder “sometimes” can get real-er than real and take down huge swaths of a city in less than an hour!

I know because it happened to the town where I grew up – Lubbock, TX, in 1970. An EF5 tornado took out 15 square miles. It was a life changing event for me and and many Lubbockites!

Well, I did move away, several times. But I’ve always had the fascination with supercell thunderstorms and missed them when I lived elsewhere. It’s waned a bit recently. Not entirely, that will never happen. But the desire to move to New Mexico, specifically the Albuquerque/Santa Fe art region, is finally just getting too huge… The art world of Santa Fe has been pulling on me for sooo long now.

I still might have to post plenty weather pics here. And New Mexico pics, too. But they will be just peppered in between the art pics of course. Art is the main focus of this blog. Everybody needs a hobby! Even though my storm chasing days are probably long in my past 🙂

And what about the header image you might wonder? I’m not entirely sure. I might have known at one time. I think it’s from the far north panhandle, probably north of Amarillo, TX. Not quite sure but it could be. Actually it could be from a lot of places around “here.” That just seems to be what’s stuck in my memory. At least something’s still sticking! haha

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