Not much to say, but groundbreaking :-)

Oh… haha Not groundbreaking too much. But I’m encouraged by art of the last 3+ years, and the blog and website are coming together well. I haven’t had such good feelings overall in quite a while.

First about my artwork itself. It’s coming together in some new ways for me. I see combinations and recombinations… and brand new, creative ideas appearing in the work. Well I couldn’t ask for more, really.

Not only in the work itself, I’m finding ways and means for it to leave the nest that feel more secure for me. And more open to experimentation. And more open to the wider world of creative expression. What am I trying to say? It’s too early to tell. I just fell more open to new expressions of art showing. And this is all important!! (two exclamation points here, for IMPORTANT 🙂 ) A naturally shy individual artist like me needs as much exposure as he, she, or they can make happen. When it doesn’t flow naturally and easy, it needs to flow just the same. Art needs to be seen, as a general consensus. Some artists don’t care too much. But i want my individual artworks to find homes and find their forever homes in the world.
Sometimes i have to go through a mental process to let them go, but still, I know their homes are for most pieces, out in the world, and ultimately, for all.

There it is. I simply needed to make a new post. The website, and blog, really, have new energy – in the design, and very soon, new art.

I have quite a few artworks to upload to the website and here on the blog. It won’t be too long, hopefully. I’m painting, and working on the website and blog every day. This with determination and goals.

Robert L Terrell Art Gallery

Here’s a favorite corner of my art gallery. It used to be my living room. But I’ve always been an artist, and why do I need a living room? I really answered this question for my own overly busy brain some art eons ago.

Per living arrangements, I need a certain level of of comfort and convenience. It’s a soft-target level low-ending at pup tent in the backyard (after my art has completely filled every home nook and all house crannies). The upper end of the target, scale (what have you) is, of course) would be to evict Generalissimo D from Mar-a-Lago.

But no eviction will be necessary … He’ll soon enough be on the big Vulcan Arc to Mars, with all the Red Staters! Y’all didn’t think I posted that photo of the biggie Haboob just for fun-sies did ya? I’m just getting people used to what their life will be like on MARS-a lago.

Ya see… I don’t want politics to interfere with my truly true love of making my art and website fun postings. And I think the big political tensions in the USA now seem to be possibly escalating into oppositional war. More and more, some folks seem to be turning  their politics into complete views of reality, philosophy, religion, etc.

I think the best solution to these building political and philosophical tensions may be to begin now to divide up by planetary political color!! The blue voters get Earth – the blue planet and the red voters get Mars – the red planet. I’m not sure who the independents and non-voters will get. They may finally HAVE to make a choice. It’s sort of a Sophie’s choice for some of them. But if I can make a suggestion, I believe that going with the blue voters and continuing to live on Earth (which has an atmosphere & water & food) might be something for the independents to consider 🙂 

Hey, I’m an artist, right? I think in color a lot, and it really only seems fair. If we separate the two opposing viewpoints by millions of miles, it’s sure to bring an era of Blue and Red Edens once again. Or, once…

What could be more fair than that??

And for now, please keep coming back to my blog! This is definitely not a political blog. I might go off on a political tear once in a blue moon is all. And by the way, the blue moons stay with the blue planet. Again, it’s my color thing. Don’t blame me for that! Yeah, also, we get Elvis’s version of Blue Moon of Kentucky (all versions of it by everybody). Singing Blue Moon of Kentucky will be absolutely FORBIDDEN on the Red Planet!!

But I didn’t answer the question really, did I? I mean about my soft-target art studio / living arrangement. That’s quite easy since I’ve been dreaming about it a day longer than forev-er 🙂

My Santa Fe Dream Studio & Artist’s Life

A wood floored studio in Santa Fe, with skylights, and all the classic architecture. About 30′ x 30′ should take care of my needs. Plus a woodshop out back. With heating in winter! Important – I want heating for Santa Fe winters. And an adjacent studio apartment. Of course I must have a gallery connection in Santa Fe, too. That’s an essential part of the Santa Fe package deal!